Facing Foreclosure? !


foreclosureThe difficult real estate market and stagnant economy has pushed many homeowners to the brink of foreclosure. If you are facing the loss of your house and need to sell it quickly to avoid foreclosure, call Geeks Buy Houses right now. We buy houses DC, Virginia and Baltimore residents must sell fast, at fair prices and without the long, drawn out process you face when you sell on the open market.

If you are staring down a possible foreclosure you don’t have time to sell your house through a broker or real estate agent, or to try to find buyers when you sell it yourself. Geeks Buy Houses will purchase your home directly from you, with no middle man, no broker fees, and no waiting for bank financing. Most of our home purchases are completed within 10 days or less!

We can even provide a cash advance of $2,500* ahead of closing, to help with expenses and other debts, once you have accepted our offer and a title search is complete. We can often advance $2,500 in as little as 24 hours!

If you find yourself falling behind and facing mounting mortgage bills, don’t wait until you are forced from your home in a foreclosure. Call Geeks Buy Houses today. We buy houses in Maryland, DC and Virginia to help our neighbors avoid foreclosure and get a new start on life!

Ready to sell your house the fast, easy way? Call Geeks Buy Houses now toll-free at 1-844-73-GEEKS. Or fill out our easy on-line request form and we’ll get things started. 

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