Access to a virtually unlimited source of funding for your real estate deals where you don’t have to come out of pocket  ONE DIME or even sign a promissory note!!

Got a great real estate deal , but don’t have the funding to purchase it?
Want access to a virtually unlimited source of funding?
Tired of trying to wholesale deals with limited or NO success?
Want to make the transition to rehabbing, but need more money or “know how”?Joint venture with me for…

-More knowledge
-Access to virtually unlimited capital
How joint venturing with me works:
1. You call me when you have a hot motivated seller or house under contract in the Washington DC area
2. We joint venture
3. I provide 100% of money (purchase, rehab, utilities, taxes, monthly payments)
4. You are NOT putting your credit on the line either
5. I rehab the home using my contractors
6. You get 10% of the deal if you bring us the deal
7. Extra 5% (15% total) if you manage our contractor during renovationWant a higher split? We can also do 50/50 splits if you bring the money and the potential deal

-Use my knowledge to ensure you don’t buy a lemon
-Use my contractors to rehab the property
-Let us walk you through each step to help ensure success
Benefits of joint venturing with me:
1. If I determine it’s a true deal, it WILL close
2. No contingencies – no contract tie ups, no re-wholesaling, financing is in place
3. You learn about rehabbing after I purchase
4. FREE MENTORING until home resells ($1,000/month)
5. More money than traditional wholesaling ($4,500 on $30,000 rehab)
6. I am trustworthy enough to help you get “non listed” sellers under contract
7. I provide 100% of the funding, so NO money and NO risk for you
8. You build your reputation in the industry by closing deals
Do you think you have a deal or motivated seller?
-Contact me even if you haven’t signed up the seller yet
-My experience can help close the seller
-I’ll ensure you are offering the correct amount
-Experienced investors: contact me IMMEDIATELY after getting under contract
-Agent with listings or listing leads:
-We can still work together, but a little different
-Email me for buying criteria
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